Three Kinds Of Semi Trucks You Can Buy For Your Freelance Trucker Business

Posted on: 26 September 2016

If you have decided to start a freelance trucking operation, then you need to buy your own semi truck. The best way to do this is to look at used semi truck sales. The used trucks are in very good condition but cost significantly less than brand-new trucks. Here are three styles commonly found on a used truck lot.

No Sleep(er) for You!

Semis traditionally did not come equipped with a sleeper cab. The old-fashioned way for truckers to get a quick bit of shut eye is to just fall asleep in their cabs at a truck stop or rent a room for the night, deadline permitting. If you know that most of the jobs you will take will not require you to stop and rest overnight, then you can buy a semi truck with no sleeper cab. It is still the most common type of semi truck available, despite the onslaught of sleeper cabs and double-wide sleeper cabs.

Sweet, Sweet Sleeper Cab

If you think that you might expand your business to include shipping over state lines and across regions of the country, then you might want to purchase a sleeper cab. This type of semi truck has a twin-sized berth right behind the driver and passenger seats. Anytime you need to pull over and catch some Z's, you can do so without having to get a room at a motel or wiggle around uncomfortably in the driver's seat to sleep. Just make sure to lock all of your truck's doors before you crawl into your berth and fall asleep.

Double-Wide/High Sleeper

If your partner likes to come with you, or you are just a "big and tall" kind of person, you may need a double-wide or double-high sleeper cab truck. A double-wide sleeper places a full-size mattress in the back of your cab, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and snore away. A double-high sleeper puts a bunk-style set of berths in the back of the cab so that more than one person can sleep there (one on the top berth, one on the bottom berth). This latter style is a little more difficult to find than a double-wide, but it is an option you can look for and request when you are truck hunting. Because these are used trucks you are looking at, some may or may not come with mattresses, in which case, you will have to buy that too. Contact a company like Arrow Truck Sales to get started.