Three Reasons Why Hitch Installations Are Only Installed On Big Vehicles

Posted on: 3 February 2017

Hitches for trailers are on the backs of jeeps, trucks, SUVs, station wagons, and just about any mid-sized or larger sedan. Because hitches are such a common sight, you may never have noticed that they are only installed on larger vehicles. There are many good reasons for this. If you are looking to install a hitch on your own vehicle, you may want to make sure you have the correct size of vehicle and that none of the following restrictions for hitch installation apply to your situation.

Little Cars Do Not Have the Framework for a Hitch

Bigger vehicles and trucks have heavier, thicker, longer, and sturdier frames. Their undersides are also much stronger because of the weight they are required to support. Little cars, such as compacts and sub-compacts, do not have the type of car frames needed to install and support a hitch. Attempting to do so could cause damage to the frames of these littler cars.

Some Smaller Cars Are Too Close to the Ground for Hitch Installations

Imagine some of these newer, imported cars, like the Fiat or the British two-seater. The rear ends of these vehicles sit so low to the ground it is a wonder that their rear fenders do not fall off when a driver hits a bump in the road. While they can sustain bumpy terrain just fine, these little cars are too close to the ground to install a hitch. The end result would be a trailer that literally drags and scrapes its hitched end on the road as the little car attempts to pull it along.

Little Cars Do Not Have the Engine Power to Pull a Trailer

Compact and sub-compact cars are built to do one thing—get you around efficiently. They do that very well. However, their engines are not equipped with enough power to pull a utility trailer or any other sort of trailer behind them. The weight is not only too much for their engines, but it is also a major drag on their fuel consumption. If your little car is also an electric car, forget it. The drain on the energy alone is enough to get you stranded somewhere with a trailer stuck to the back of you (and only IF the hitch installation is possible). If you need or absolutely have to have a trailer and hitch for something, either borrow someone else's or buy another vehicle.

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