3 Advantages Of Driving A Car With A Manual Transmission

Posted on: 24 April 2017

You spot that shiny new car on the lot and it's perfection at its finest, all except one nagging little problem: it has a manual transmission. Even if you know how to drive a stick shift vehicle, chances are if you are like a lot of car buyers, this one little thing will be the dealbreaker on your purchase. However, it really shouldn't be such a problem. If you get to know a little more about manual transmissions, you may just decide that a stick shift truly isn't such a bad feature for a ride to have. Take a quick look at these major advantages you will get when you drive a car with a manual transmission. 

Manual transmissions have a less complex design and are easier to maintain. 

Automatic transmissions may be more popular for most drivers, but they are also far more complicated in their design. Because this transmission has to basically do all of the shifting on its own without driver input, it means a lot more gears and complicated parts are necessary. On the other hand, a manual transmission has you, the driver, doing most of the work, which makes the whole system far less complicated. This is a major bonus if you need to have transmission work done because not only will it be a simpler process, but usually cheaper as well. 

Manual transmissions allow you to take control over your car. 

Talk to some people who will only drive a manual transmission vehicle and they will almost always say that one of the things they enjoy the most is the fact that a stick shift gives you greater control over the machine you're driving. The transmission only shifts when you shift it, which means you can shift exactly when it feels right to do instead of waiting for an automatic transmission to make this decision for you. This is especially an advantage if you enjoy helping your ride perform to the best of its ability. 

Manual transmissions are a lot more affordable to replace. 

If your transmission goes out and it is automatic, it can be terrible news because you know there is a major expense that you are facing. While manual transmission trouble is rare, if your tranny goes out, you don't have to be as frightened. Manual transmission replacement is usually a lot cheaper than automatic transmission replacement simply because the transmission is not as complex with so many parts to buy. To learn more about transmissions, visit a company such as Huntington Beach Transmissions.