Three Steps For Rebuilding Your Car Door After An Accident

Posted on: 12 March 2018

If you were sideswiped in a car wreck or if you have been in another accident that caused damage to your car door, it is a good idea to get this fixed. Having a dented car door can be bad for optics. It can also be bad for the frame of the car and it can make getting in and out of the door hard. A car door dent may not be something you want to go through insurance for, as it can raise your rates. Instead of going through insurance, here is how you can have a straight, good-as-new car door. 

Find a junkyard

Junk cars are excellent places to find auto parts. There are car doors that can have rear damage or front on collision damage but still have perfectly working doors. Find a car that is the same make, model, and year as your vehicle and take the car door. Be sure to take the screws, springs, and attachment mechanisms along with the door so that you can replace your door for as little as possible.

Spray paint the door yourself

If the car door does not currently match the color of your car this is an issue that you can remedy yourself. First, cover the window on both sides so that the paint does not wreck the windows. Next, apply primer to the door and allow it to dry. Then paint the door the correct color. Be sure to ask a car dealer at your brand's car shop for the precise color. This will allow you to find the appropriate paint color so that the shade will match the rest of the vehicle. It may take two coats in order to properly color. Place the door next to your car after each coat to be sure that the color properly coordinates. 

Take it to a proper auto body shop

The replacement of a door is a mechanism that you want to get right. Take the new door and your vehicle to a certified auto body shop to have it replaced. the door may need to be replaced and the sealing around the door may also need to be replaced. If the door has airbags you will need to have these tested and replaced if they are found to be unreliable on the used auto door. An auto body shop with certified mechanics will be able to replace the door properly and give you a warranty on the work to ensure that you are safe and covered. 

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