• Three Ways To Protect Your Tires During Winter

    You're probably familiar with standard tire maintenance like checking treads and having them rotated, but when winter hits, there are some season-specific steps you should add to your maintenance cycle. Treating your tires right when the rain and snow arrives can keep them in good shape longer and keep you and drivers around you safer. Keep Your Car Clean and Dry One way to combat ice on the roads is by using salt, which lowers the freezing point of water.
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  • Three Steps For Rebuilding Your Car Door After An Accident

    If you were sideswiped in a car wreck or if you have been in another accident that caused damage to your car door, it is a good idea to get this fixed. Having a dented car door can be bad for optics. It can also be bad for the frame of the car and it can make getting in and out of the door hard. A car door dent may not be something you want to go through insurance for, as it can raise your rates.
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