3 Tips for Saving Money on Auto Body Repair

Posted on: 25 September 2019

Have you recently been in a minor fender-bender? Does your insurance not cover the damage so you'll have to cover the cost of the repairs yourself? Whether you actually ran into something or a shopping cart ran into you, it's not uncommon to have to pay out-of-pocket for these repairs. Unfortunately, there's also a good chance that you are having difficulty finding the money to pay for these repairs to your vehicle. But don't despair—there are things you can do to get your vehicle repaired.

Ask about payments

Some shops will allow you to make payments on the repairs in question. In some cases, a shop that wouldn't normally accept payments might agree to do so as long as you are able to give them a significant down payment. They might also accept you using your car title as collateral, provided you own the vehicle and there are no other hiccups. They may even want to set up an automatic payment schedule with you so that they know exactly when the bill will be paid off in full.

Install used parts

Aside from colors, body parts from two vehicles that are of the same year, make, and model will be identical. It won't really matter whether you get the part brand new from the dealership for the auto body repair service to install or if you get a used part from a local salvage yard. Whether new or used, both will need to be repainted to match your vehicle anyway so you might as well take advantage of the savings and purchase a used auto body part. Since not all auto body repair shops allow you to bring in your own parts for them to install, you may have to ask around before finding a service that will do this for you.

Get other repairs

This will cost you more now but may save you money in the long run. There are some parts of your vehicle, such as parts of the wiring system, that can be difficult or impossible to access with the body panels in place. You can save money by replacing the body panel and remove that body panel to replace said wiring all in one appointment. This only works if your vehicle already needed these types of repairs done before the accident occurred.

These are just a few options to consider. Visit websites like http://www.achesonautobodyandservicecenter.com to better understand how auto body repair services can help.