What Should You Look For In A Good Used Truck Dealer?

Posted on: 14 March 2022

Starting out as an owner-operator will require you to build more relationships than you might expect at first. As with any other business, your network will determine your long-term success at least as much as your business skills and driving ability. If you're purchasing a used truck to launch your new venture, one of these critical relationships will be with your dealer.

Finding the best dealer for a used truck can seem daunting, but there are several things you can look for to locate one that will suit your needs. While an exhaustive list of what makes a top-tier dealer could fill volumes, this article will list three of the most critical factors you should consider when deciding where to buy your used truck.

1. Location

Location matters when choosing where to buy a used truck, arguably more so than when purchasing a new rig. While you'll usually have an extensive dealer and repair shop network available for new trucks, you may need to rely on the dealer where you purchased your vehicle to honor a used truck warranty. Buying from a dealer that's too far from home can be inconvenient for repairs and maintenance.

Choosing a dealership that's relatively close to home can also be beneficial if you're looking to establish a long-term relationship. These relationships can be helpful, both for replacing your truck in the future and if you intend to expand your fleet with multiple vehicles. By working with the sales team at a nearby dealership, you'll have a much easier time with future upgrade and expansion plans.

2. Selection

Is more always better when it comes to used truck lots? The answer is more complicated than you might expect. A dealership with a massive lot filled to the brim with trucks might look appealing at first, but there's no guarantee their huge selection will have a rig that fits your specific needs. Instead, make sure you focus on dealerships that carry the brands and configurations that your business requires.

3. Purchase Support

Used trucks don't won't have the same level of warranty and after-sales support as new trucks, but that doesn't mean that your dealership shouldn't support you even after you drive off the lot. Before buying from a dealership, discuss what kind of after-sales support you can expect. Does the dealer offer a used truck warranty? Do they have an on-site service department?

When it comes to long-term support, you'll need to decide what you're comfortable with and how much you expect. If you aren't comfortable driving your truck without guarantees, focus on dealerships that offer warranties and service support. Remember that your used truck purchase is a business decision, so you should work with a dealer that fits your operation's specific needs and goals.

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